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Scheduled Seminars

The Grant Group specializes in on-site delivery of a wide variety of programs to meet both management and employee needs. We work with multiple agencies throughout the United States to bring our experience to the front of their class.  

In preparing for on-site delivery of our programs, we typically begin the planning phase one to two months in advance, although, this period may be shortened based on the time of the year and scope of the program(s).

What participants have said about our programs –

In my 20+ years as a service chief this is the best training I've attended on HR rules, regulations and their application to leaders. The instructor's comprehensive coverage of a volume information kept my attention through the entire 5 day program. The course content was extensive with the presenter skillfully highlighting key points. The workbooks are designed for quick, easy reference. The most valuable part of the program was the explanation of the Employee Relations and Labor Laws that lead to the decision making process.

Department of Veterans Affairs Supervisor

As a new supervisor every part of this program was valuable. It provided concrete steps for documenting and counseling employees; progressive discipline; clarifying charges and how/when to implement them. Overall an excellent program.

National Park Service Supervisor

This training provided "rules of the road" in dealing with employee issues and avoiding the pitfalls. It included Supervisor's responsibilities with employees abusing sick leave; handling employee and labor issues properly, and great real–life examples that related to my responsibilities.

Naval Sea Logistics Supervisor

The many examples given of things that happened in other Federal agencies. Real life examples related well to current workplace situations. The group discussions and real life examples used; the instructor's vast government experience was obvious in his responses and examples, which made it much easier to grasp the topics.

General Services Administration Supervisor

The training was fast paced and provided clear guidance on covering the critical role supervisors play in dealing with multiple workplace issues. Case studies were used to connect subject matter being discussed from performance-based actions to labor disputes to misconduct actions. Great instructor with exceptional knowledge to share. This should be offered to all new and seasoned supervisors.

Veterans Integrated Services Network 7 Assistant Service Chief

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