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This 2-day program on the Management of Human Capital will emphasize leadership skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, influencing, negotiating, and conflict resolution. Coverage will include the manager as coach and counselor, proactive approaches to stopping negativity, and conquering conflict through effective communication. Supporting this formal program will be a thorough review of landmark Merit Systems Protection (MSPB) Board and Federal Circuit rulings that create benchmarks when addressing pre and post appointment concerns.  Also covered will be the scope of the probationary period based on changes in case law, Absenteeism, Performance versus Misconduct, Intoxication in the Workplace, Reasonable Accommodation versus Medical Disqualification, Hatch Act, and the scope of the First Amendment on Free Speech.  In addition to the Management of Human Capital Workbook, participants receive LRP’s Book “Write On! Documenting Your Way to Successful Performance and Disciplinary Actions Against Federal Employees”, authored by Robert L. Grant.

Recommended Audience: Managers, Supervisors, Executives, Team Leaders, Administrative Officers, HR Professionals, Legal Counsel, and EEO/ADR Practitioners


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