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Scheduled Seminars

The Grant Group specializes in on-site delivery of a wide variety of programs to meet both management and employee needs. We work with multiple agencies throughout the United States to bring our experience to the front of their class.  

In preparing for on-site delivery of our programs, we typically begin the planning phase one to two months in advance, although, this period may be shortened based on the time of the year and scope of the program(s).

What participants have said about our programs –

In my 25+ years of Federal Service this is the best training I've ever attended on HR rules and regulations and their application to supervisors. The instructor's comprehensive coverage of such a volume of information in an interesting and thorough manner kept me engaged for the entire two days. This program should be mandatory for all supervisors.

Department of Veterans Affairs Supervisor

As a new supervisor every part of this seminar was valuable. It clarified my responsibilities, provided options, and gave me confidence that I could effectively manage any situation. Today I feel more empowered!

Department of Energy Section Chief

The ability of the presenter to relate concepts, principles, and federal law to situations at our agency. The stories made the rules and regulations easier to apply to our own practice. The workbooks will serve as a wonderful reference and the case studies were interesting – helped keep my attention, and made the entire program move quickly.

Homeland Security Section Chief

The instructor engaged the audience at every step of the program from case studies, to various role-play scenarios to the many questions asked with immediate useful responses that directly relate to workplace issues.

General Services Administration Team Leader

The instructor helped me develop win-win strategies in dealing with problem employees and in better understanding Management's Rights with Labor. While my past experience has been fragmented, I feel the dots are now connected.

VHA Service Chief

Visit "Upcoming Events" to review our programs that will provide a training solution sure to enhance the capabilities of your staff.



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