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Charting Your Career Path

This 1-day program on The Personal Development Plan (PDP) will provide guidance in charting the career paths for new and seasoned supervisors, as well as employees at all levels of the organization.  PDPs are individually tailored and describe objectives and activities for the employee’s career development.  PDPs can be a win/win strategy because they benefit both the employee and the organization.  Employees’ benefit because implementing a PDP helps enhance their knowledge, skills and experiences.  Improved competencies help them achieve personal and career goals both inside, and external to the organization. The organization benefits by developing competent employee performance, plus the added bonus of improved morale, and personal job satisfaction, which ultimately leads to exceptional service to agency stakeholders.  Following this program each participant will have completed their own PDP, and gained the knowledge, skill and ability to develop PDPs for subordinate supervisors and staff.

Recommended Audience: Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders, Administrative Officers, HR Professionals, and EEO/ADR Practitioners


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