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This highly interactive program on The HR Consultant will cover the major aspects of appointment, pay, performance, Labor and Employee Relations for Title 5, Hybrid Title 38 and full Title 38 personnel.  A focus will be on improving the competencies of HR Specialists in their consulting role to management.  During the 4-day seminar participants will have the unique opportunity to review the major aspects of Human Resources with VA-specific examples of Directives, Handbooks, and case law.

Coverage will include Pre-Appointment issues associated with Suitability, Post-Appointment under McCormick vs. AFB, Veterans Preference, Comparisons between Title 5, Title 38 and Hybrid Title 38; The Federal Labor Relations Statute to include addressing Management Rights under 7106, Official Time, Formal Discussions, and Investigative Meetings under Weingarten; Accommodation and related Light Duty Considerations, and Medical Disqualification; Specific HR Performance Measures addressing Technical Information, Advice & Assistance; Absenteeism, Marginal Performance and the importance of Documentation; Public Law 108-170’s Coverage of Second Generation Hybrid Title 38 to include the Boarding Process and the Role of HR as Technical Advisor; Professional Conduct or Competence, including the Disciplinary Appeals Board, and progressive corrective action for Title 38, Hybrid Title 38 and Title 5. 

Recommended Audience: HR Professionals and Support Staff


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